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Smart Retailing, Easy Ordering with Photo Finale Web
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Smart Retailing, Easy Ordering!
Today’s internet is all about exploration, creation and social interaction. Photo Finale Web – Lucidiom’s award-winning, white label photo website – offers all the whimsy, creativity and universal appeal needed to thrive in this social picturing world. A Photo Finale website is a destination, not just an uploader.

The convergence or integration of in-store and online business requires sophisticated technology combined with smart marketing and strong customer connections. Lucidiom provides the industry’s most flexible, open and brand agnostic online solution available – Photo Finale Web – so you can focus all your attention on customer connections and top-notch service.
Version 7.0
In version 7.0, the APM kiosk and Photo Finale Web use the same creative product engine, so you can offer all the same content and products on your kiosk and website. And of course Photo Finale Web’s newest bells and whistles are backed by the most efficient online photo site technology around…fast and easy uploading, cropping on the print preview screen, color-coded print sizes and more.

The first Silverlight-based photo ordering website, Photo Finale Web 7.0 provides a user experience that feels just like a photo kiosk or desktop software. Gone are those lengthy page-reloads symptomatic of other websites. With Photo Finale Web 7.0, the creative workflow is instantaneous – consumers work with ease switching pages, dragging and dropping photos, etc. Photo Finale Web 7.0 also integrates the product finder feature from Lucidiom’s award-winning APM software, which allows retailers to group products by type, season or occasion (folded card, holiday, birthday).

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